REVIEW: Earthbound Ghost – For Demonstration And Disposal

Artist: Earthbound Ghost Album: For Demonstration And Disposal Genre: Alternative Label: n/a I can’t imagine what imagine what it feels like to be in Earthbound Ghost – they have a decent size internet following, but are most likely known as the biggest band that Nate Barcalow from Finch is in that isn’t Finch (with the opposite being […]


Nate Barcalow forms Reverend Crow, his second post-Finch band

Nate Barcalow, the former vocalist for Finch, formed Earthbound Ghost shortly after Finch disbanded. Earthbound Ghost’s social media went cold on July 4, after it tweeted “Demo is getting mixed down as we speak. Get ready!”  Three weeks before that, on June 13, 2012, a different band from Temecula, California featuring Nate Barcalow started its […]