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Our Speakers Were Blowing Up All Night Because Killer Mike & El-P Leaked ‘RTJ2’

Killer Mike and El-P don’t typically play by the rules. The dynamic tag-team are on another level within the rap game and we’ve simply given up trying to understand how they consistently raise the bar for their peers in the genre. The duo’s followup to last year’s unreal debut was set to release via Mass […]

Meow The Jewels

‘Meow The Jewels’ Is Real, And Its Trailer Is Here To Unite Cats, Kung Fu, And Explosions

Meow The Jewels, which I will be calling Meow The Jewels: Meow That’s What I Call Music! until Killer Mike sends someone to stop me, is real.  Now we have an amazing trailer to tell us that, yes, it will be as amazing as we think it will As of writing this, the $45,100 Kickstarter goal has been surpassed by […]

run the jewels

Run The Jewels And Zack De La Rocha Command You “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)”

Run The Jewels continue to leave us awestruck, an unstoppable force yet to make a misstep. Rage Against The Machine’s Zack de la Rocha hopped onto the runaway train for “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” and he didn’t slow down the machine a bit. His voice, chopped and looped, serves as the track’s […]

run the jewels

Run The Jewels Release New Track From ‘RTJ2’ Feat. ‘Police Academy’ Actor Michael Winslow

Oh my. Killer Mike and El-P can do no wrong. Run The Jewels have finally released their contribution to the Adult Swim Singles Program which has been running strong and steadily for 14 weeks, featuring huge hits from the likes of Mastodon, Deafheaven, Diarrhea Planet, Captain Murphy and many more. This year’s series’ second to […]


UTG’s Favorite Singles Of Summer 2014

The summer may have been a bummer for hollywood execs and people hoping to see Outkast perform anywhere other than an overcrowded festival, but those who love discovering new music have had plenty to celebrate. Whether you like pop, rock, folk, country, EDM, or any combination of the five there were a slew of new […]

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Run The Jewels Announce Sophomore Album, Stream New Single

After releasing one of the rap scene’s best records of 2013, heavyweight duo Run The Jewels have returned with plans to release their sophomore full-length. Entitled RTJ2, the newest product from Killer Mike and El-P (which will also feature appearances from Travis Barker and Zack de la Rocha) is set to hit stores October 28 […]


UTG PHOTOS & REVIEW: Outside Lands 2014, Day One (8/8/14)

Under The Gun Review co-owner and editor, Brian Lion, attended the Outside Lands Music & Arts festival in San Francisco, CA from August 8-10. The 7th annual Outside Lands Music & Arts festival took place this past weekend in the historic Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. Hosting upwards of 180k attendees, Outside Lands […]


Run The Jewels Release Proper Teaser of “Blockbuster Night Part 1″

One week ago, we got a brief snippet of a new Run The Jewels track via El-P’s Instagram. Today, we get a proper 90-second teaser of that same track, which we now know is tentatively entitled “Blockbuster Night Part 1.” With an absolutely nasty beat and comedically angsty lines like “I Jake The Snake ’em […]


El-P Teases Material From ‘Run The Jewels 2’

As El-P and Killer Mike gear up to hit the road soon, we continue to sit around anxiously awaiting any further information regarding their followup to last year’s ridiculously good self-titled debut as Run The Jewels. The duo have claimed numerous times that the album will drop this year and we trust that it’s the […]


Run The Jewels To Hit The Road, El-P Promises More Dates To Be Announced

Run the Jewels, the much-loved power pairing of Killer Mike and El-P, have announced a number of tour dates. The duo saw a lot of success with last year’s lauded self-titled album and have recorded a follow-up, which is expected to drop this year. The tour dates are largely western United States and Canada thus far, […]


Stream El-P’s Remix of Warpaint’s “Keep It Healthy”

Brooklyn rapper El-P’s (and one half of Run The Jewels) is best known for his aggressive, sometimes political raps. It may come as a surprise, then, that he’s come and remixed Warpaint‘s “Keep It Healthy,” but El-P has actually done a handful of official remixes over the years. That’s probably why this one sounds so great. […]

run the jewels

Killer Mike And El-P Get Animated In The Video For “Run The Jewels”

“When we say ‘run the jewels,’ just run ’em, baby, please don’t delay me.” I consider Run The Jewels to be the best rap album of 2013. Killer Mike and El-P brought a fresh, no-bullshit, 10-track album with impeccable production and bars to the game and it hasn’t worn its welcome yet. To continue promoting […]