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LISTEN: Julien Baker covers Elliott Smith’s “Ballad of Big Nothing” for tribute album

We’re just a few months away from the release date of the Elliott Smith tribute album, Say Yes!. In advance of the album, American Laundromat Records has released Julien Baker‘s cover of “Ballad of Big Nothing” (from 1997’s Either/Or), and it is incredibly powerful. The cover is intimate and sorrowful, an excellent showcase of Baker’s […]


Elliott Smith Documentary ‘Heaven Adores You’ Screening Dates Revealed

Last year, we reported that a new Elliott Smith documentary was on its way to reaching the public’s eye. The film, titled Heaven Adores You, is directed by Nickolas Rossi. For the first time, it features unheard tracks, interviews with Smith’s friends and collaborators, and more previously guarded. Today, Rossi’s team announced the film’s theatrical release. Starting on […]

Alex G

Stream Aleg G’s New Single “Hollow”

There are some genres so flooded with artists that it’s hard to decide what actually stands out from the rest. This year, the sappy singer-songwriter trope has been given a diamond in the pile and there’s no denying he’s as talented as he sounds. Pennsylvania native Alex Giannascoli, or better known as Alex G, pens […]

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Watch The First Four Minutes Of The New Elliott Smith Documentary, ‘Heaven Adores You’

Prepare to feel all the feels. The organizers behind AFI Docs Fest have released the first four minutes to the upcoming Elliott Smith documentary, Heaven Adores You. The film, which director Nickolas Rossi spent some three years piecing together, has been making its way around the U.S. film festival circuit; the next stop comes June […]


Watch the Trailer for Elliott Smith Documentary ‘Heaven Adores You’

Last year we took a moment to remember one of music’s most important icons, Elliott Smith, on the tenth anniversary of his passing with his best songs. With a mysterious personality and an incredible knack for songwriting, Smith’s work soon left Portland and became mainstream after “Miss Misery” (Good Will Hunting) got a Best Original […]


Download Elliott Smith’s Forgotten EDM Demos (Yes, Really)

Way back in 1997 when Elliott Smith recorded the Oscar-nominated “Miss Misery,” he and ex-Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty were recording three songs that sliced Smith’s vocals over–wait for it–electronic beats. Doughty posted the tracks (“The Record,” “Dogs,” and “Burn (Aah Fuck)”) today under his UUL guise. Give them a listen after the jump. According to […]

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Fadeaway Records Releasing Massive LP Compilation ft. Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Straylight Run; Hear Kevin Devine Cover “King’s Crossing”

Kevin Devine‘s got a big heart, and that heart is quite fond of Elliott Smith. The Brooklyn singer-songwriter throws out covers like candy, and about half of those are Elliott Smith songs, from “Between the Bars” to “Say Yes” to “The Biggest Lie.” He’s gone and added another one to the list, this time covering […]

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Kevin Devine Covers Vampire Weekend

Kevin Devine recorded a cover of Vampire Weekend’s hit, “Hannah Hunt,” and uploaded it to his Facebook page. Featuring just Devine and an acoustic guitar, the Brooklyn boy’s vocals juxtapose Ezra Koenig’s in the best way. The cover offers up a very different version from the one recorded by the New York-based Vampire Weekend. In […]


UTG LIST: Ten Songs To Remember Elliott Smith

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the death of famous singer/songwriter, Elliott Smith. In his short, but vastly influential career, Smith mastered the art of songwriting, creating beautiful piece after piece. In one of his most memorable candid statements, Smith claimed that he thought of songs as shapes, rather than pieces strung together. This aspect […]


Madonna Peforms A Dramatic Cover Of Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars”

Sometimes artists cover artists from other genres that we could never had expected. While Elliott Smith may have ended his time as a major label act (on the short lasting major label of Dreamworks), I doubt any of us could predict in 2013, Madonna would cover one of his most well known songs for the […]


WATCH: Elliott Smith And Brad Mehldau On ‘The Jon Brion Show’

Jon Brion is best known as the guy who assembled some pretty awesome soundtracks – in addition to working with Paul Thomas Anderson on Magnolia (god bless you, Aimee Man) and Punch Drunk Love, he also worked on the music for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Apparently, in the year 2000, PTA and Jon pitched the […]

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Kevin Devine Discusses Albums That Changed His Life

Our good friends over at Alter The Press spoke with Kevin Devine about the four albums that changed his life. Check out Devine’s top albums including Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction, Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, Elliott Smith’s Either/Or and David Bazan’s Curse Your Branches! Click past the link provided to check out this […]