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Knuckle Puck Feature

UTG INTERVIEW: Knuckle Puck At Skate And Surf

While Skate and Surf was the biggest outdoor punk event of the year in New Jersey, some of the crowds at the side stages might have convinced you otherwise. The rise of pop-punk’s popularity over the past few years has shown the average concert-goer that pop-punk shows are best seen in small spaces like basements, […]

Front Porch Step (Emily Tantuccio Photography)

UTG TV: Front Porch Step On The Boardwalk At Skate And Surf

By some error, Front Porch Step was accidentally omitted from the Saturday line-up at Skate And Surf Festival. On the day of the show, the festival realized their mistake and told Front Porch Step mastermind Jake Mcelfresh that he’d be performing on one of the side stages as doors opened. As the festival-goers slowly worked their way […]