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UTG’s 31 Days of Halloween: ‘Escape From Tomorrow’

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no single day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of the year’s best month, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re […]


‘Escape From Tomorrow’ Actor Sheds Light On Guerilla Filming Inside Disney Parks

I love Disney, a lot. Being a huge part of my childhood, and even my adulthood, Disney has left their mark. I have been to Walt Disney World probably about ten times now, and I am only twenty-two years old — that’s not a bad thing, is it? In my early twenties I have even […]


HOLY SH!T: The Trailer For ‘Escape From Tomorrow’ Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day

Randy Moore has pulled off the impossible. Not only did he successfully shoot a feature length sci-fi/horror film on the grounds of Disneyland and Disney World without the knowledge or consent of Disney, but he managed to find an internationally recognized distributor to release said work without Mickey Mouse himself burying the project in legal […]