Lionsgate Considering ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park Attractions

Some people might think a theme park, or theme park attractions based off a series where kids are pitted against each other in a battle to the death would be in poor taste, but those people clearly do not work for Lionsgate (or anyone they deal with). According to a new story on Deadline, Lionsgate […]


Birdman Wants To Release 100 Albums A Year

The past decade has found label owners around the world racing to find the next sustainable platform for the music industry. Now over a decade into the millennium, many are still finding their footing, but things are beginning to look up. What do you do once you find your footing? You look ahead. Birdman, known […]

All Time Low featured in The Sims 3 trailer

A song All Time Low recorded for The Sims 3 is featured in the trailer for the new expansion. Check it out below: