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PupFresh Retracts Ronnie Radke Accusations

Before we dig into this story, I feel the last few days have seen a lot of things being said about bloggers without giving us a chance to defend ourselves. UTG has never and will never cover Ronnie Radke simply because we think hating him is somehow “cool.” We write about Ronnie Radke because people […]


HE’S BACK: Ronnie Radke Releases Second Hip-Hop Song “What Up Earth?”

Just days after setting the internet ablaze with his Alternative Press video interview, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has released another never-before-heard hip hop track. Anyone who has followed the career of Ronnie Radke knows he has hard a life. Mom was not around, dad did his best in the face of his own […]


Ronnie Radke Says Falling In Reverse Are Not Breaking Up

Rumors have been flying that failed rapper Ronnie Radke (OK, so that’s not what he is, but did anyone actually click the link to this article because they actually like his work as a musician? Alright, then) had walked out on his band, Falling In Reverse. His wife denied this, but the singer had not […]


Unreleased Ronnie Radke Rap Song Finds Its Way Online

Get ready, folks. This one is one for the bookmarks bar. Ronnie Radke has chosen to celebrate the final day of May by releasing a never-before-heard rap single recorded sometime in recent years. The song is a completely solo effort, but it may give some explanation as to the evolution on some of Falling In […]

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SINGLE REVIEW: Falling In Reverse – “Fashionably Late”

Artist: Falling In Reverse Track: “Fashionably Late” Album: Fashionably Late When Falling In Reverse released “Alone” a few weeks back, we thought our site was likely to crash. Only a year had passed since Falling In Reverse released their Epitaph debut, The Drug In Me Is You, but fans were already chomping at the bit […]


Ronnie’s Wife Denies Claims About Ronnie Leaving FIR

There’s been a lot of buzz around Pup Fresh’s news article claiming that Ronnie walked out on Falling In Reverse due to their shows not selling out. While so far we have not heard from the band, Ronnie or their record label, Ronnie’s wife, Crissy Henderson, has taken to Twitter to deny the allegations. There’s […]


RUMOR: Ronnie Radke Walks Out On Falling In Reverse

Pup Fresh has posted some exclusive information on Ronnie Radke possibly walking out on the band he started, Falling In Reverse. Apparently Ronnie has deleted all of the tweets from his Twitter account, which you can see for yourself, here. Not really sure what the motivation behind that would be, but it probably means something. […]

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Falling In Reverse Cancel Current Tour

Epitaph rock outfit, Falling In Reverse announced through their official Facebook page that they have cancelled their current tour because Ronnie Radke’s girlfriend is giving birth. Read the statement issued below and be sure to check back for streams, album details, and more right here on UTG. The group’s forthcoming album, Fashionably Late, hits stores […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Falling In Reverse – “Alone”

Is there a correct way to start a post for possibly the worst song / video combination of 2013? No. Falling In Reverse have launched their flashy music video for the single “Alone” and is taking rap rock to new lows. From driving Ferrari’s to having loads of half-naked girls dancing everywhere, FIR aim to […]

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RONNIE RAPS: Falling In Reverse Announce New Album; Stream “Alone”

We knew Ronnie Radke and crew were in the studio working on a follow-up to their Epitaph debut The Drug In Me Is You, but what we never expected was how the final results would sound. Around 10AM EST today, May 7, Falling In Reverse announced plans to release a new album entitled Fashionably Late […]


Ronnie Radke Apologizes To Fans

The tale of Ronnie Radke’s misadventures in 2012 alone is one that would take far too long to recount. It seems like every other week since May we have found something to report on the Falling In Reverse frontman, usually in a negative context, but this weekend it seems Ronnie may have had a change […]


Sworn Enemy Guitarist, Lorenzo Antonucci, Speaks Out Against Ronnie Radke

We’ve covered Ronald Radke of Falling In Reverse pretty heavily. You know by now that he’s done some terrible things. Things that most musicians would never even consider doing. In case you aren’t up to date with the rocker’s latest scandals, you can get the lowdown from ex- Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci, who has some […]