Fashion Meets Music Festival 2014

UTG CONTEST: Win A Pair of After Party Badges For the Fashion Meets Music Festival

A month ago, we caught wind of a new festival making its home in the center of Ohio. The Fashion Meets Music Festival. So far, the festival boasts more than 500 performances, 250 artists, and 3 days in the Arena District of Columbus, OH. The lineup will be first announced this Thursday, March 27 at […]

Fashion Meets Music Festival 2014

Fashion Meets Music Festival 2014 Teases Existence

A few months ago, our friend Kyle Garchar quit his job at Apple to start a new project with a team of people passionate about music and fashion. Fast forward to tonight. The official website for the Fashion Meets Music Festival has launched with a countdown clock ticking. If you’re not so good at remembering […]

M.I.A. 2013

M.I.A. Teams Up With Versace

She’s definitely got her own style, and she definitely has the moves to pull it off, so naturally the next step for M.I.A. is to pull in to Paris Fashion Week with a possible new line of clothes. Turns out Versace will be looping in the singer after already working with Migos and Drake to close […]


Kanye West’s Clothing Line Is Plain Expensive

We know pirating music hurts the industry, but charging over $100 for a t-shirt, a plain one at that, to make a profit? That’s a little extreme. Kanye West thinks it’s okay though. The cover for Yeezus was nonexistent, so why not follow suit when it comes to clothing? This weekend Kanye released his new […]

Alice Cooper inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alice Cooper along with Neil Diamond, Tom Waits, and other musical legends accepted induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday night in New York City. shares the fashion and feelings of the new members here on their website.