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Mayday Parade move to ILG for next album release

According to this interview with Mayday Parade‘s Derek Sanders, the band is planning on releasing their next album (supposedly self-titled) through Independent Label Group. An official statement from the interview with Derek can be found below. Actually we’re going to be on ILG now, it’s called Independent Label Group, whom we’ve worked with a little […]

New The Maine interview

Common Revolt recently sat down with Pat Kirch of The Maine to talk about the tour, old and new records, and more. You can read a snippet from the interview below, or check out the whole interview here. Speaking of the next record, I know you’ve been playing a new song “My Heroine” live for […]

Mayday Parade are finished recording

According to a tweet, Mayday Parade have finished their new record. MP’s new record is finished. I’m so glad we did this our way and not someone else’s way this time…Spread the word!! RT RT

A Conversation with The Word Alive

First and foremost, we at UTG would like to introduce you to The Word Alive, these young rockers have been making a name for themselves for a short while, but thanks to a deal with Fearless Records, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them soon. Note: We did not, nor in future […]