EXCLUSIVE: UTG Helps AUIAC Present DC Premiere of ‘Filmage’ On November 15

A few days ago we announced that we were hosting a screening of Filmage: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL. Today, we’re pleased to help our Head of Videography, Tyler Osborne, promote his Washington, DC Premiere screening of this fantastic documentary! Filmage tells the story of the legendary punk bands Descendents and ALL, how they got their […]


EXCLUSIVE: UTG Adds Second ‘Filmage’ Screening In Boston After Premiere Sells Out

Okay, everyone. this is pretty wild. We knew a lot of our Boston friends wanted to see Filmage, but we had no idea demand was this high! UTG is stoked to announce the addition of a 6pm screening of Filmage: The Story Of Descendents/All on November 13. The original 8pm show sold out in under […]


EXCLUSIVE: UTG Hosting Boston Premiere Of ‘Filmage: The Story Of Descendents / All’ On November 13

We have written to you a lot in 2013 about the new documentary, Filmage: The Story Of Descendents / All, and in November we’re taking our involvement with the year’s finest movie about music to a whole new level by hosting the film’s Boston Premiere. That’s right, fellow punk diehards. On November 13 at the […]


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Filmage: The Story of Descendents / ALL’

Movie: Filmage: The Story of Descendents / ALL Director: Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour Director of Photography: Justin Wilson Editor: James Rayburn, Deedle LaCour, Justin Wilson The guys in Descendents all knew that they weren’t cut out for the glamorous punk rock scene of Hollywood. Hell, the guys were too busy drinking coffee, farting, fishing, and […]


WATCH: The Descendents Full Performance At Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010

With the Fun Fun Fun Fest happening this upcoming week, The Descendents performance from the 2010 fest has finally been released. The hardcore punk group are not currently touring, nor working on a new album; however, they are working on a documentary titled Filmage that should cover the band’s history. Ever since Frank Navetta died, […]


TRAILER: Filmage (Descendents/ALL Documentary)

Behold the next documentary that all punks and music fans in general need to see. Filmage tells the story of the fathers of pop-punk Descendents and offshoot ALL. Judging from the trailer, The movie is going to be absolutely fantastic. If you don’t know who the Descendents are, you are really messing up your life […]