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Five Iron Frenzy Kickstarter Passes $110K, 55 Days Remain

Recently reunited ska-punk act Five Iron Frenzy have a lot to be thankful for as of late. Not only did their return to the music scene come with praise and excitement across the board, but the outpouring from fans has been, and will continue to be overwhelming. Last week, we brought you news that Five […]


Five Iron Frenzy Return, Release New Song, And Raise $30,000 Via Kickstarter In Under An Hour

Travelling kept UTG from bringing you the news Five Iron Frenzy promised to release yesterday, but the delay has allowed us to better tell you the story. Last night, fans eagerly waited online for a long-due announcement from defunct ska band Five Iron Frenzy. When the time came, the group released a new song entitled […]


Five Iron Frenzy Plan “Something AWESOME!” For November 22

Defunct (?) ska band Five Iron Frenzy are keeping rumors of reunion alive and well today with the creation of a Facebook event simply named “Something AWESOME!” The posting, which lists the event as taking place November 22, offers almost no information aside from a link to the group’s official website and the comment “Are […]

Five Iron Frenzy Are Planning…Something…(Help us out!)

Give me a moment to quiet my excited inner-teenager who is currently skanking around the UTG HQ at the thought of the slightest potential for new, or at least LIVE Five Iron Frenzy in the near future. Recently, a mysterious loading bar appeared on the ska band’s website and as of this post it still […]

Five Iron Frenzy DVD pre-order

The long awaited band dvd, The Rise and Fall of Five Iron Frenzy will finally see release this March. However, for those interested, Asian Man Records is currently offering two pre-order packages. They will ship on March 2nd, 2010. See the specials HERE.

Five Iron Frenzy DVD update

No need for words, just watch the awesome happen:

Five Iron Frenzy is Not Dead!!!

Nothing much to be said past the title. Well, actually, there’s about a billion exclamation points and smiley faced emoticons that James wanted to place, but that’s not really telling you much. Let’s keep it short. CLICK HERE.