small stone records detroit flooding 2014

Help Small Stone Records Recover From The Detroit Flood

The recent flooding in Detroit has destroyed many homes, businesses, roads, schools, and yes – even record labels. We urge everyone with the ability to donate anything to offer their aide as soon as possible, but there is one specific cause we felt needed to be brought to your attention. Small Stone Records has been […]


REVIEW: Of Mice & Men – The Flood

“Forget what you’ve read, forget what you’ve heard, and hell, forget what you know about Of Mice & Men. The Flood is a decidedly huge step forward for a band that many didn’t believe would ever have a second album and sets the bar for other genre titles this year. While it has its moments of doubt, there is no denying the amount of hard work, passion, and emotion poured into every second of this record.”

Of Mice & Men release The Flood album art

After a dramatic lineup change, Of Mice & Men and original front man Austin Carlile are prepared to bring The Flood. The track listing is as follows.