LISTEN: Cynic – “Kindly Bent To Free Us”

Progressive metal giants Cynic blessed fans with a killer new cut in the form of “The Lion’s Roar” early last month, so it’s admittedly exciting to hear another fresh release courtesy of the band. Entitled “Kindly Bent to Free Us,” the song is the title track from the group’s forthcoming EP that is set to […]

Justin Timberlake “not thinking” about making music

Justin Timberlake was once the pop star everyone admired, but it seems those day may have passed for good (at least for now). In a recent interview with NME, Justin was quoted as saying he is “not thinking” about making music anytime soon. It seem the former N*Sync frontman now prefers to focus on his […]

Could Soundcloud be the Youtube of music?

Soundcloud founder Alexander Ljung recently sat down with All Things Digital to discuss his company, focus, and what people can expect in 2011. Check it out, here.