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First English Trailer For Israeli ‘Big Bad Wolves’ Looks AMAZING

Do you remember the last great Israeli movie you saw? Well that is about to change this August with the release of Big Bad Wolves, a much talked about thriller from the Middle East. If your answer to the previous question was Rabies then you will be happy to know that Big Bad Wolves was written and directed by the […]



Just when you thought the zombie crazy was starting to cool off, the official teaser for [Rec] 3 arrives in all its’ bloody glory. Taking place before the events of the preceding films (thus, “Genesis”), the film looks to follow a wedding party that takes a turn for the undead. Blood, dresses, and chainsaws are […]


IFF BOSTON: Wrap-up/Top films

Editor/Founder James Shotwell has finally recovered from IFF Boston and brings us a final review of the festival, as well as he favorite flicks. Click through to learn more about this great indie experience and which films you’ll need to see this Fall!