fragile future

Hawthorne Heights – Fragile Future

Band: Hawthorne Heights Album: Fragile Future Genre: Rock/ Post Hardcore Label: Victory Tracks: 1. The Business of Paper Stars 2. Rescue Me 3. Somewhere In Between 4. Until The Judgment Day 5. Somewhere In Between 6. Sugar in The Engine 7. Desperation 8. Four Become One 9. 231 10. Disaster 11. Let Go of Everything […]

We Interviewed Micah from HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS!

Today, James spent a few minutes on the phone with Micah from Hawthorne Heights and the contents of that conversation can be found below. Be sure to check out the band’s new album, Fragile Future [our review will be up soon]! J: Hey Micah, how’s your day been going? HH: Pretty good. We’re in Denver […]