Colin Farrell Offered Lead Role In ‘World Of Warcraft’ Movie

With a mooted production date of January 2014 looming, casting on Duncan Jones’s World of Warcraft film seems to be finally moving forward. Two names have hit the presses this morning as potential leads, and perhaps typically of Jones they’re somewhat left-field choices. Deadline is reporting that the director is looking to cast Colin Farrell […]


HOLY SH*T: Columbia Pictures & Avi Arad Developing “Metal Gear” Film

During a 25th anniversary celebration in Tokyo earlier today, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima gave fans a present unlike any other. After years of rumors and setbacks, a Metal Gear film is finally on the way with major producer Avi Arad (Founder of Marvel Studios) and Columbia Pictures. “For many years I fought to bring […]

Axl Rose suing Activision

Axl Rose is at it AGAIN with his latest legal battle with Activsm gaming. He is saying that “Welcome to the Jungle” violated a deal not to include any depiction of ex-guitarist Saul Hudson (aka Slash) in Guitar Hero. Read the entire claim by clicking on the link.