Gentleman’s Brawl


REVIEW: Broadway – Gentleman’s Brawl

Artist: Broadway Album: Gentleman’s Brawl Genre: Rock Label: Uprising Records Ah, young men. Ever eager. Such is how I choose to sum up this album, the sophomore effort from Broadway, which varies between decently enjoyable and absolutely, ridiculously OTT. You may need to take a shot of adrenaline to get through the whole thing. It’s […]

Broadway-Gentlemens-Brawl-Cover 2012

Broadway Push Back Album Release Date

Broadway have revealed that they pushed back the release date of their anticipated album, Gentleman’s Brawl. The album will now drop on June 19 instead of the previously planned date of May 22. Read an excerpt from the statement by simply looking below and comment with your thoughts! Broadway’s album artwork can be seen in […]