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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Gods Of Egypt’ mixes old with new, still sucks

Film: Gods Of Egypt Directed by: Alex Proyas Starring: Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thwaites There’s something really admirable about Hollywood’s eagerness to keep pumping out loud, big budget, mythological epics with the hope of striking gold. It sometimes provides auteurs with a chance to run rampant through centuries-old material while making it their own. […]


Gerard Butler May Take Patrick Swayze’s Role In ‘Point Break’ Reboot

THR is reporting this morning that 300 star Gerard Butler is currently in final negotiations to join the reboot of the 1991 action-heist film Point Break. If he signs, Butler would be playing the role of Bodhi (originally portrayed by the late Patrick Swayze). Planned for production in summer 2014, the new version of Point […]


The First ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ Trailer Is Out, And It’s Got Spoilers

The hit-and-miss kid brother of animation, Dreamworks, will be releasing the sequel to their most well-regarded recent film next year. How To Train Your Dragon 2 is set for a plum summer release date of June 14, but the drumming up of excitement has already begun with the release of the first trailer today. That trailer gives […]


‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Sequel Will Take Place In London, Original Cast Returning

First of all, this movie gets a sequel? Really? Between this and White House Down I would have put all my money on the latter being considered for a sequel long before this one got off the ground again. A sequel to the Gerard Butler lead action feature Olympus Has Fallen has been announced and […]


First ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ Teaser Takes Flight

Even though the biggest summer 2013 film is just arriving in theaters this weekend (it’s called Pacific Rim), who says it’s too early to think about summer 2014? Dreamworks Pictures has released the first teaser trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2. The film, which features a voice cast lead by Jay Baruchel, is […]

Movie 43


Film: Movie 43 Distributed by: Relativity Media Anyone who has been exposed to the lengthy advertising campaign for Movie 43 has undoubtedly heard or seen the tagline claiming viewers will be unable to unsee the offensive material contained within the film. What those ads fail to mention, however, is that those same viewers will have […]


MOVIE REVIEW: Coriolanus

Film: Coriolanus Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler Directed by: Ralph Fiennes A challenging, hardened film, Coriolanus marks the directorial debut of actor Ralph Fiennes. It is an adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays about a Roman general forced from power who swears vengeance on those who cast him out of his home state. It’s […]


Chris Cornell posts up new song “The Keeper”

Chris Cornell has a special surprise for all his fans. He has released a new song called “The Keeper” that can be heard by simply heading over to his official website. This song is the leading music for the forthcoming movie Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler (300, The Phantom of the Opera), which opens […]

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MOVIE TRAILER: Machine Gun Preacher (Starring Gerard Butler)

Sometimes, a title is all you need to sell me (and many others) on a movie. It shouldn’t be that simple, but sometimes it is. Sometimes all we want is to know we’re going to be entertained on a massive skill and if you can at least make us believe your film will do that, […]