Good Luck Varsity

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Good Luck Varsity Release Second Track From Final Album

When Good Luck Varsity was white-hot, they entered the studio to record their first full-length record. Countless EPs and years of progress led to that point and fans’ mouths were watering at the thought. Unfortunately, the band announced their split and the record was shelved for quite a while. Meanwhile, guitarist/vocalists Evan Baker and Ryan […]

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Good Luck Varsity May Be Done, But There’s Still New Material To Be Heard

About a year ago, Michigan band Good Luck Varsity went their separate ways after differences between members of the band became too great to continue their efforts. Rumblings of an upcoming album we’re quickly overshadowed by the splitting of the band, and many were left to wonder if any new material would ever surface from […]

Speak Low If You Speak Love Album Art 2013

Absolutepunk Presents: Speak Low If You Speak Love Album Premiere

My pal Christian at has a lot of cool friends. Among those is Ryan Scott Graham, a member of Good Luck Varsity. Ryan has a solo project called Speak Low If You Speak Love and his first record, Everything But What You Need, has been premiered by this afternoon. If you like music by Into It. Over […]