Impending Doom

UTG INTERVIEW: Impending Doom

With every year, there are always a plethora of albums which surprise fans due to how much of a change it is from their previous work. Whether people see it as a good change or a bad change, it’s still a change worth talking about, and that’s exactly the case with Impending Doom and their […]

Impeding Doom. Photo by Alex Solca

Impending Doom Announce “Baptized in Filth”

Goreship pioneers Impending Doom have announced their much anticipated new album will be titled Baptized in Filth. Set for release March 13, Baptized In Filth was produced by Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder) and Machine. It is the group’s fourth full length and promises to be their “most ferocious” to date. Impending Doom guitarist […]

Impending Doom – The Serpent Servant

Artist: Impending Doom Album: The Serpent Servent Genre: Goreship [Christian Metal/Grind] Label:  Facedown If you remember, Impending Doom were one of the first bands to ever b reviewed by [UTG] when we launched last year. To be blunt, we hated them. It’s nothing against their beliefs or their genre, but I simply felt it was […]