We just brought you information on their brand new record which drops in June, but for now you can hear our interview with IWABO from SxSW 2009. Yes, it’s about a month old, but it is still informative and most of all, funny as can be. This is a great band with solid members who […]

Psyopus – Odd Senses

Band: Psyopus Album: Odd Senses Genre: Grindcore/Technical Grind Label: Metal Blade Tracks: 1. .44 2. Medusa 3. The Burning Halo 4. Duct Tape Smile 5. X and Y 6. Boogeyman 7. Imogen’s Puzzle Pt. 3 8. Choker Chain 9. Ms. Shyflower 10. A Murder To Child 11. Untitled Track For those of you who don’t […]