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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Haulix Founder Talks Industry Roots, Company Creation

Haulix is the type of service music industry professionals need. Providing exclusive streaming services from label to media, Haulix is doing what no other service in the industry has been able to do in the digital age — fight piracy. And Haulix is doing it with style. The sleek and user-friendly design makes it incredibly […]


Fireworks Frontman Opens Up About Life, Music, And More

We don’t cover them nearly as much as we admittedly should these days, but we absolutely adore podcasts. There are dozens of great shows out there, including many from the world of music. We hope to highlight them all in due time, but today we want to share a show that has roots right here […]


Record Labels And Indie Artists: Let Haulix Help You Better The Music Industry

Complete honesty: Haulix is a company that I, James Shotwell, work for when not working on UTG. It’s my second home and it’s a place I have grown to love as much as this very site. I am not involved in the development aspect of what Haulix does, but I believe in it wholeheartedly and […]