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Taylor Bennett Could Very Well Be The Next Big Artist From Chicago

Anyone old enough to remember the urban music scene in the 1990s will recall that very little attention was given to the artists hailing from the middle of the country. Creative marketing and nonstop publicity fueled the rap battle between the coasts, leaving many remarkable midwest names from receiving the type of critical acclaim that […]


Bloc Party Frontman To Release Solo EP

Kele Okereke has announced the release of Heartbreaker, a four song solo EP due out on November 25 on vinyl via Crosstown Rebels and December 9 digitally via Beatport. Regarding the EP, Okereke said, “I’ve always loved the inclusive and spiritual nature of house music, so the opportunity to make music for the most iconic and influential […]


Justin Bieber Debuts “Heartbreaker”

Lock up your daughters and younger sisters because Bieber is back and smoother than ever before. Justin Bieber has spent the majority of 2013 talking about a song called “Heartbreaker” that he supposedly recorded sometime around the beginning of the year. Last night, Biebs decided it was time to share that single with the world, […]