heavy music

Zao – Awake?

Artist: Zao Album: Awake Genre: Hardcore Label: Ferret I’m pretty sure no band has gone through more member changes or flat out drama than Zao. A ridiculous amount of albums and breakdowns have passed through this band, but I think listeners are about to find a very solid culmination of all the band’s work and […]

We Interviewed Josh from Showbread!

Talented? Check. Hectic live show? Check. Career the likes of which have not been duplicated? Check to the max. Showbread is one band that lives in a league all their own and after talking to their vocalist Josh, it’s plain to see why. This is a band driven solely by a love of music and […]

We Interviewed Dallas from Maylene and The Sons of Disaster

The south is alive with pure rock and roll and if you need any proof – look no further than Dallas Taylor of Maylene and The Sons of Disaster. From his days in Underoath to now, Dallas has captivated heavy music fans the world over and we just spoke with him. The conversation can be […]

Straight Line Stitch – When Skies Wash Ashore

Band: Straight Line Stitch Album: When Skies Wash Ashore Genre: Metal Label: Koch Tracks: 1. Never See The Day 2. Promise Me 3. Taste of Ashes 4. Eucharist 5. Black Veil 6. Adult Cinema 7. What You Can Do To Me 8. Seneca Tragedy 9. World Made Flesh 10. Yesterday’s Gone When I first started […]