hold your breath


Kriston McConnell’s ‘Best Of 2013’ In Music

When you’re listening to an album in February you may say to yourself, “THIS is my favorite album this year, definitely.” After that June comes around and you say, “No, THIS is my favorite album, hands down.” November rolls on by and you say, “Fuck all of those other albums, this is THE album of […]


Oceans Red Drop Their Digital EP For Free A Day Early

Oceans Red (formerly Make Me Famous) had told fans ages ago that they would release their first EP since their lineup change on October 1. Well the band decided that they didn’t want to make fans wait any longer, and they’ve released the digital download of their new EP, Hold Your Breath, a day early. […]

Shapes & Colors

ALBUM STREAM: Shapes & Colors – “Hold Your Breath”

This one might be a bit under your radar, but we’d like to change that. We’d like to introduce you to Shapes & Colors, a Detroit, Michigan band that is determined to make its mark in the midwest. Comprised of five members, Shapes & Colors started making waves as Aria Aesthetic. After breathing some new life […]

A Loss For Words post new video

A Loss for Words have released their video for “Hold Your Breath.” Check out this band ASAP: