alien ant farm always and forever

A New Alien Ant Farm Song Titled “Homage” Has Surfaced

Who remembers Alien Ant Farm? You know, the band that breathed new life into Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” possibly making it bigger than the original version. Yes, the band that had that cover and their hit original song “Movies” as their go-to songs in the early 2000s is back! After a long break from releases […]

Mac Miller 2013

Mac Miller Releases Mitch Hedberg Tribute Track “MHB”

Pennsylvania native Mac Miller has released a new song through his alter ego Larry Fisherman paying homage to beloved stand up comic Mitch Hedberg. Debuting on SoundCloud shortly after 11AM (EST) today, May 23, “MHB” is another odd offering from Miller’s softer side. Miller plays the piano, backed with nothing else and never uttering a […]


Machine Gun Kelly Honors Eminem In Detroit

Cleveland bred rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, has a long legacy of incorporating the artists who inspired him into his live set. On Warped Tour 2012 he could be found adding the likes of Blink-182, Limp Bizkit, and more into his routine, and fans ATE IT UP. Seriously, covers have always been cool, but I’m not […]