OP-ED: Take Back the Microphone

How do we transform our miasma music community? This question is one that weaves around my regular anxieties like a concertgoer weaving their way around a packed house in order to get to the front row. Our music community is taking advantage of its own and corrupting the innocent young folks who clamor for some […]

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 3rd Annual Governors Awards

Alec Baldwin Waves Farewell To Public Life In New Essay

Acting legend Alec Baldwin has announced he is planning to say goodbye to public life. On Sunday, Alec Baldwin released a 5000-word essay titled “I Give Up” in The New Yorker. The work, which reads almost like a letter, finds Baldwin telling fans he has had enough of the media and is no longer interested […]

attila 2013

Attila Frontman Defends Use Of ‘Faggot,’ Claims He Is Not A Homophobe

Attila frontman Chris Fronzak, known to many as Fronz, has taken to Twitter to respond to allegations that he is a homophobe. Anyone familiar with the world of Attila knows the band essentially makes their living on controversy. Their new album, About That Life, features talk of hard-partying, violence against haters, sex, drug use, and […]

streetlight manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto Fans Fight To Get DC Venue Changed

Last night a group of punk kids from the DC area began petitioning for Streetlight Manifesto to drop the venue they booked in Northern Virginia (which for those who don’t know is basically a suburb of DC) known as Empire. For those who remember, a few weeks back The Wonder Years spoke out against Empire’s […]

wonder years misser hostage calm fireworks

The Wonder Years’ Merch Guy Explains Yesterday’s Homophobia Related Altercation

Property of Zack did a quick interview with Floyd James, the current merch vendor of The Wonder Years, about his perspective on Wednesday night’s ordeal. According to personal accounts from various band members on the tour, things became heated when Virginia show promoter, Tyler Greene, called one of Misser’s crew members, Dan Schein, a faggot. […]

wonder years misser hostage calm fireworks

Virginia Promoter Calls Misser Merch Guy A Faggot; We’re Not Stoked

Tonight, Misser made a stop in Springfield, Virginia on their pop-punk all-star tour with The Wonder Years, Fireworks, and Hostage Calm. The show was at Empire where 24/20 management owner and concert promoter Tyler Greene (who some may recall as the vocalist for metal band ABACABB) was collecting merch cuts. When Misser merch guy and member of […]

For Today 2012


Well the internet sure hasn’t kept quiet about this one. After what seems to have been a decision made as a result of the criticism, name-calling, and hatred that came from Mike Reynolds’ Thursday morning rant on homosexuality, the guitarist has now left For Today to pursue what he claims to be a life in […]