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HOLY SH!T: Hornswoggle Is The New “Leprechaun,” Theatrical Release Planned

Twenty years after the original debuted in theaters, WWE films is planning to reboot the Leprechaun series with a star of their own. Hitting theaters in March 2013 (Someone has to cash in on St. Patty’s Day at the box office, right?), WWE Films version of Leprechaun will star Hornswoggle, AKA David Postl, in the […]


UTG EXCLUSIVE: Dieter Laser Comments On “Human Centipede 3” Lawsuit

Earlier today UTG brought you news of Tom Six, the mastermind behind The Human Centipede series, suing actor Dieter Laser for refusing to appear in the trilogy’s final installment. In the article, we mentioned Dieter had yet to speak on the subject publicly, then moments later found ourselves with a personal message from the man […]