hymn for the greatest generation


REVIEW: Caspian – ‘Hymn For The Greatest Generation’

Artist: Caspian Album: Hymn For The Greatest Generation Genre: Post-Rock Label: Triple Crown Records Words can only describe so much. The human condition is not limited to a specific vernacular, though modern society is riddled with sequences of words that when constructed together instill a meaning, or thought. There are things that not even words […]


STREAM: Caspian – ‘Hymn For The Greatest Generation’

Thanks to our good friends over at Spin.com, you can stream Caspian’s upcoming EP, Hymn for the Greatest Generation, in full, here. The five song collection, due out less than a week from today (November 11) via Triple Crown Records, will feature three new tracks, two remixes featuring samples from 2012’s Waking Season, and a demo […]


Caspian Release New Track From Upcoming EP

Caspian create beautiful music. Their latest full length Waking Season, can easily be attributed to the soundtrack for the human condition, as it is artistic release for any situation. On the heels of the terrible news that their bassist Chris Friedrich unexpectedly passed away, Caspian are set to release their first batch of songs since […]