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Kanye West Returns To Twitter; Teases…Something

Kanye West famously deleted all of his tweets at the beginning of October 2012, but everyone assumed it was just another crazy Kanye moment that would soon be replaced by yet another over-the-top publicity move. Generally this would be the case and we would have moved on, but the soon to be father and man […]

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Kanye West’s New Single, “I Am A God” Confused For Album Title

On Tuesday, rumors surfaced that Kanye West may be potentially titling his next album, “I Am God.” Today, The Huffington Post reports that a reliable source from West’s camp has stated his upcoming single will be called, “I Am A God.” The source further explains, “We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call […]


Kanye West Reportedly Naming New Album ‘I Am God’

Oh, Kanye West. Will you ever stop being controversial? The BBC is apparently hungry for news this morning because they cracked the code of writing and found a way to turn a one line story about a rumored baby name into a 500+ word article. Regardless, buried in their latest post on Kanye West and […]