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I Hate Our Freedom

MUSIC VIDEO: I Hate Our Freedom – “Cut You In”

The post hardcore outfit known as I Hate Our Freedom have revealed the music video for their single, “Cut You In.” The song is taken from their 2012 album, This Year’s Best Disaster. Watch the video by taking a look below the jump.

The band has some tour dates scheduled for this weekend in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Check out their Facebook page to see if they’ll be playing in a city that’s close to you.


I Hate Our Freedom Sign to I Surrender Records, Album in December

I Hate Our Freedom, featuring members of Garrison, Texas is the Reason, Thursday and Milhouse, announced on Facebook today that they have signed with I Surrender Records.

The band’s album, This Year’s Best Disaster, will be available digitally as well as on vinyl this December.

Until then, the band will be playing a slew of dates including Four Year Strong‘s recently announced holiday show in Worcester, Mass. on December 30 with Make Do and Mend, Such Gold and American Verse.

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Four Year Strong 2012

Four Year Strong Announce Holiday Show With Such Gold, I Hate Our Freedom, And More

New England rock outfit Four Year Strong have been relatively quiet as of late, but today they have the honor of being named the first band of 2012 to post about a holiday show (GK show does not count as it’s coming from a company and not an individual band)! On December 30, Four Year Strong will be performing at The Palladium in their hometown of Worcester, MA with support from Such Gold, Make Do And Mend, I Hate Our Freedom, and American Verse. Pre-sales for the show begin this Wednesday and will likely sell out shortly after going live. …


STREAM: I Hate Our Freedom – “Sans Sympathie”

I Hate Our Freedom (ex-members of Thursday and Texas is the Reason) released a new single today called “Sans Sympathie” which will be coming out on their next release This Year’s Best Disaster on March 23. This song has a really awesome vibe to it, and you can hear the definite influences from both of the members previous bands. Make sure you check it out after the break and let UTG know what you think of it!

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