beyonce inauguration

Beyonce’s Inauguration Performance Of The National Anthem Was Literally Too Good To Be True

Oh B, no. Anyone who had a chance to catch President Obama’s public inauguration ceremonies yesterday was treated to an absolutely stunning rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by none other than the Queen Bee herself. The internet fawned over Beyonce’s general fabulousness. TMZ called it “f**king awesome,” and Buzzfeed posted a whole bunch of screenshots […]

lupe fiasco startup rockon

Lupe Fiasco’s Incendiary Set Gets Him Booted From Inauguration Concert

It looks like Lupe Fiasco was staging a political protest from the bully pulpit of a headlining slot. StartUp RockOn, or #SURO if you’re talking about them on Twitter or something, is an events/promotions company aimed at the startup and the entrepreneurial set. Sunday night, StartUp RockOn staged a concert, their Inauguration Celebration, in recognition of President Obama’s […]