Metallica Cancel Concert, Fans Lose Their Minds, India Gets Pissed

Metallica were supposed to perform in India this week, but decided, at the last possible minute, to cancel. Fans found out and, as history shows again and again, metal fans lost their minds. According to (reps for) Metallica, the event was cancelled after the band learned of the show’s lax security, which reportedly was letting […]

Tegan and Sara To Play India

To read a statement released by Tegan and Sara regarding their two shows in India, read after the jump!

Ian Walsh – Please Remember

Band: Ian Walsh Album: Please Remember Genre: Indie/Folk Label: Plus 5 Tracks: 1. Unhappy Ending 2. Catch My Eye 3. Now Or Never 4. Perfect Sense 5. As Always 6. Goodbye 7. Supposed To Be 8. I Hope I’m Blind 9. Familiar Place 10. Apology When I first began writing this review for Ian Walsh’s […]