UTG INTERVIEW: Vile Display Of Humanity

Seattle-based thrash-punk band Vile Display Of Humanity released a whopping 20-track album earlier this year, a self-titled whirlwind of raw, crusty rippers sure to incite chaotic circle pits and shine a spotlight on the “ugliness in our society.”

We had a chance to speak with the band about their newest release, their motives as a band and what the future holds for Vile Display Of Humanity as they search for a permanent drummer with a desire to tour. Read through below to check out our succinct conversation and to stream Vile Display Of Humanity in full, via Bandcamp.

emily hearn

UTG INTERVIEW: Emily Hearn Discusses ‘Hourglass’

Singer-songwriter Emily Hearn hails from Athens, Georgia, otherwise known as a town with high expectations for its musical inhabitants. After years of performing at local venues while doubling as a student at the University of Georgia, Hearn is positioned to take her country-tinged pop music to the masses as her songs continue to find success online, on the road, and even on television in 2015.

With her fall tour quickly approaching, we had the chance to sit down and chat about everything from Hearn’s authentic country roots to her plans for recording a handful of jazzy Christmas tunes this winter. …


UTG INTERVIEW: Cady Groves Talks About Her New Single, “Dreams”

Cady Groves, the Oklahoma pop sweetheart we’ve all come to love, is back at it with a killer new jam, entitled “Dreams.” The new song, which is taken from her new EP of the same title, is due out on October 2 via Vel Records. Dreams, the EP, will be serving as her follow-up to 2012’s This Little Girl.

“Dreams isn’t just for the dreamers. It’s to put life and hope back into people who have lost sight of theirs. GO GET YOUR DREAM,” Groves shares. The fruity and vibrant new track shows off her equally bubbly …


UTG INTERVIEW: Tumbler Talk New Album, Creating With Family

Epsom, England folk band Tumbler just released a brand new 12-track album last week, titled You Said. Spurred by family togetherness in intimate kitchen concerts and generations sharing new music with one another, the bond and organic camaraderie is felt throughout the album.

We had a chance to speak with Tumbler’s founding father, Richard Grace, to discuss the creation and influences of You Said, his experiences working with his various musical family members and what can be expected of this project moving forward. You can read through our conversation below and follow it up with a stream of …


UTG INTERVIEW: Grumsling Discuss Their Titular Character, Current Releases

Grumsling‘s more than just a rock band from California’s Bay Area. The brother duo, consisting of Matt and D.J. Lowe, create music entirely based around a narrative involving a character they’ve named their band after. For the most part, The Grumsling dictates the way the band operates and when, but the creativity and sounds they manage to emit is all from the minds of the Lowe brothers and their revolving cast of guest musicians who contribute to it all.

We had the chance to speak with Matt Lowe about the project, The Grumsling, and how it all began. You …

bitter's kiss

UTG INTERVIEW: Bitter’s Kiss Talks Self-Titled Debut, Creating With Family

Chloe Baker–maybe better known as Bitter’s Kiss when associated with the music world–is a young singer-songwriter based out of New Jersey who released her stunning, self-titled debut earlier this year. Baker’s father lends a hand or two as well, collaborating with instrumentation and production for the effort; bond and blood put to tape with impressive results and plenty of interest-piquing potential.

We had the chance to speak with Chloe about her musical background leading up to these first works, what it’s like working with her dad, and much more regarding her still-budding musical career. Read through below to check out …


UTG @ MIXTAPE FEST: Microwave Discuss Writing Process Behind ‘Stovall,’ Hint At New Material

Alternative rock outfit Microwave recently wrapped up a quick run with You Blew It! and Sorority Noise. The band played three consecutive shows in New York, one of which was a stop at Long Island’s Mixtape Festival, where they played alongside bands like Incendiary, Crime In Stereo, The Movielife, and more.

Under The Gun had the pleasure of catching up with the Georgia, Atlanta four-piece after they played a killer set during Mixtape Fest. The band discussed the recording process behind their well-recieved debut full-length album, Stovall. They also talked about their recent signing to …

Giants At Large feature 2015

UTG @ MIXTAPE FEST: Giants At Large Discuss Musical Influences, ‘The American Dream Is Dead’

One of the most charismatic bands out there today goes by the name of Giants At Large. The Long Island pop-punk four-piece radiates a lot of young passion, both on stage and off.

The band recently played the first day of Today’s Mixtape Festival in Patchogue, NY alongisde bands like Iron Chic, Kill Your Idols, The Movielife, and many more. Under the Gun had the pleasure of speaking with them about their new record, their plans for the rest of the year, Criss Angel, and several other hot topics. Check it out below.

Paul Bostaph

UTG INTERVIEW: Slayer’s Paul Bostaph Talks ‘Repentless,’ Mayhem Fest

On July 26, Under The Gun Review sent me to Mayhem Festival at Nikon Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, NY. With only two stages for the whole festival this year, the average crowd size for each band I saw was a bit worrisome; for the better part of the day, it seemed like no one was interested in some of the festival’s most impressive acts.

However, that all changed when headliners Slayer–the undisputed kings of thrash and one of the most legendary metal bands in history–took the stage. The band commands a crowd with incredible ease, and their …


UTG INTERVIEW: dsfečo on ‘Watch It Sparkle’ and Being an Independent Artist

“So my expectations are modest: that for some folks unknown to me, my music and poetry might open a window–maybe just a little bit–and allow them to get a glimpse of the secrets of their own heart as it tries to make sense of this world.”

David Fetcho, better known under the musical moniker of dsfečo, has been involved with music nearly as long as he’s been alive–coming up on 70 years. His newest solo EP, Watch It Sparkle, features six tracks of something akin to what he describes as “medieval folk music for the 21st century.”

We …

Luca Bash

UTG INTERVIEW: Luca Bash Talks ‘Single Drops,’ CMYK Project

Rome-based singer-songwriter Luca Bash recently released his newest collection of tracks on an EP titled Single Drops, which takes cuts from his previous series of EPs with his CMYK project, inspired by the color model for printing.

We chatted with Bash recently about the EPs, the videos for the project and what he has lined up for the future as well. You can read through our full conversation below where you’ll also find his newest single, “Your Tomorrow.”

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Ajay Mathur

UTG INTERVIEW: Ajay Mathur Discusses ‘9 To 3’

“Music may not change the world or a system, but it does help to make us dream, give us hope, make us feel strong and even loved.”

Switzerland-based singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur released his newest album, titled 9 To 3, earlier this year. With 15 tracks of rock, spanning nearly every corner of the genre’s spectrum, there’s a lot to take in and at least something for everyone.

We had the chance to speak with Mathur about the record and went further to discuss his musical background, his various influences and the importance of his lyrical themes. Read through our …