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TURTLE POWER: ‘TMNT’ Earns $65 Million, Paramount Announces Sequel

It shouldn’t come as a surprise since every past addition to the franchise has always opened at the top of the charts, but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has cleaned out the box office for over $65 million dollars this weekend. Paramount Pictures have decided to strike while the iron is still hot by commencing production […]


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Into The Storm’

Film: Into The Storm Starring: Matt Walsh, Richard Armitage Directed by: Steven Quale Into The Storm may be the biggest waste of 50 million dollars to hit theaters in years. From top to bottom, left to right, everything about this Steve Quale directed film is a disaster, and not in the way audiences have hoped. […]


Watch The Trailer For John Swetnam’s ‘Into The Storm’

We’ve seen what natural disasters can do and Into the Storm takes that to the extreme, but will people care to watch a movie about an out of control storm? The trailer sets you up with single statements that piece together longer sentiments like “this is the sound you will never forget” and “there is […]