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STREAM: Isles And Glaciers – “Viola Lion” (dr00gs Remix)

It’s been quite some time since we last had the pleasure of writing about Isles And Glaciers. The supergroup didn’t stay together very long, and they only released one EP during that time. Even with that being the case, they still have thousands of adoring fans who want nothing more than to hear some new […]

Craig Owens

WATCH: Craig Owens – “Products of Poverty” (Live Acoustic)

Ex-Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise, Isles and Glaciers and D.R.U.G.S. vocalist, Craig Owens recently performed solo at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh where Altar TV was able to catch up with the singer and film him playing “Products of Poverty” acoustic. “Would I consider myself a perfectionist or a performer? Performer. Because I really believe that, well, […]

tyler carter 2012

Tyler Carter Discusses The Possibility Of Joining Isles & Glaciers, Working With Roy English, Solo EP

Tyler Carter is easily one of the most recognizable and discussed faces of the current alternative music scene. Since leaving Woe, Is Me last year Carter has found himself on his own for the first time and backed by a legion of dedicated fans who seem to never stop asking when the young artist will […]

Craig Owens

RUMOR: Craig Owens Back in Chiodos, New Isles & Glaciers Being Discussed

Things have been relatively quiet around the D.R.U.G.S. camp. Other than a strange hodge-podge tour with Hit The Lights, Sparks the Rescue, and Like Moths to Flames last winter which was followed by their current stint in Europe, the band hasn’t been producing the blog buzz like they did only a year before. Last year, […]

Isles & Glaciers not finished

In a recent interview it seem Isles and Glaciers aren’t completely done just yet.

Isles & Glaciers #1 New Artist in America!

The band’s album The Hearts of Lonely People debuted at #1 on the New Artist Chart after being released last week.

Review: Isles & Glaciers – The Hearts of Lonely People

Isles & Glaciers break a lot of new ground with The Hearts of Lonely People. Not only is it the first “underground supergroup,” but the overall sound of the record is unique to the group and not too influenced by any one member.

[UTG] RAW : Craig Owens!

Thanks to a chance encounter and the help of a new friend [Mike Shea], we were able to meet up with the amazing Craig Owens of Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise, Isles and Glaciers, as well as his own solo material which he is currently touring on. We spoke for about 14 min. and covered everything from […]