forever the sickest kids 2013

Guitarist Caleb Turman Unsure Of FTSK’s Future

Things aren’t looking good for Forever The Sickest Kids. In a recent interview regarding his new band, Team, guitarist Caleb Turman admitted that he was “moving on” from the four-piece, and additionally said he was unsure of the group’s future. You can read a piece of said interview, originally conducted by PropertyOfZack, by following the […]

forever the sickest kids 2013

Forever The Sickest Kids Release New Music Video

It’s December, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for a blast of summery pop rock music. Today, that comes in form of the new music video for “Nice To Meet You” by Forever The Sickest Kids. The band has been teasing the graffiti-themed clip since July, and you can check it out after the […]


REVIEW: Forever the Sickest Kids – J.A.C.K.

Artist: Forever the Sickest Kids Album: J.A.C.K. Genre: Pop-punk Label: Fearless Records Forever the Sickest Kids sing pop-punk songs with big choruses, happy riffs, and electronic elements. That’s it. That’s their USP. If something so commonplace in the scene can be described as a USP. It’s a sunny vibe, but it’s not a very imaginative […]


Forever The Sickest Kids Stream “Chin Up Kid”

Pop rock was the big thing around 2010, but in recent years that care-free sound has evolved and headed in the direction of either adding EDM elements or turning towards a more throwback pop sound. Forever The Sickest Kids have opted to more or less stay the course they started with, and we could discuss […]