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Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) Sings On New Queens Of The Stone Age Album

Some bands just know how to keep the spotlight. Between Trent Reznor and Nick Oliveri’s appearances and Dave Grohl‘s drumming on the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age record, we were already psyched for it. Add to that a false report on its release date and our anticipation couldn’t be higher. Or could it? You […]


DAMMIT: Scissor Sisters Going On Hiatus

Of all the Top40 groups to grace UTG over the last five years, few have received the outpouring of love that our staff and readers have shown the Scissor Sisters. From the days they didn’t feel like dancing, to the nights only horses could find us, this New York based glam act redefined the way […]

“Fraggle Rock” movie in the works, Scissor Sisters writing the music

It has been in limbo for years, but word on the street is an official Fraggle Rock movie is on the way sooner than later. What’s even more surprising, Jake Shears and Babydaddy of Scissor Sisters have been tapped to write the music! This news came in a rather backwards fashion earlier this week, as […]