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[New Column] THE OUTRO: The Bled

The Outro is a new column here on Under the Gun Review to honor our favorite bands from the past decade that made their mark in their respective genres but have since come to the unanimous decision to move on from their confluence and pursue alternative enterprises. We are gathered here today to mourn the […]


LIFE AFTER THE BAND: An Interview With James Muñoz Of The Bled

In a time where the world is flooded with artists vying for even a moment of your attention, it is becoming near impossible to find those brutally honest, hardworking, sold their soul to rock and roll types that so many attempt to imitate. James Muñoz, the man whose beard is captured in the photo by […]

The Bled

The Bled Reveal Farewell Tour Dates & Venues

The Bled are finally calling it a day later this year, but not before going out for one last hurrah. Earlier today, the group revealed the routing for their forthcoming farewell tour and while it doesn’t cover every inch of the map, it does cover enough area that anyone interested in attending should be able […]

The Bled

The Bled’s James Munoz Launches Online Comedy Career

Soon-to-be Former Bled vocalist James Munoz is already taking steps toward a new career, online comedy. Okay, maybe it isn’t exactly a step in toward a new career as much as a new hobby, but regardless, it is definitely something you will want to see. Munoz recently began appearing in a series of digital shorts […]

UTG TV: The Bled [Interview #2!]

While at Bledfest 2010, Under The Gun Review was lucky enough to catch up with James Munoz of The Bled to discuss what’s been happening with the band since the release of Heat Fetish and to see where they’re headed next.