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‘American Idol’ Renewed For Its Very Last Season…Supposedly

Since its inception in the summer of 2002, American Idol has served as one of the biggest televised singing competitions in history, garnering billions of dollars in revenue. This morning, however, Fox announced that the show has been renewed for its fifteenth, and most importantly, final season. Expected to air for the last time in […]


Highest Paid Musicians Of 2013 Ranked By Forbes

Ready to throw up? If you’re in a cubicle like me right now, reading this list only makes you feel sad and inferior. Forbes has officially released their list of the highest paid musicians of 2013. All of these statistics aren’t based solely on record sales and concert tickets, but musicians with the highest total […]


Adam Lambert In Talks To Become New American Idol Judge

Former American Idol and current pop star Adam Lambert is reportedly in talks with the show about possibly becoming a judge for the show’s next season. With reports that Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and even Randy Jackson, possibly not returning to the show, American Idol’s obviously looking to shake things up  a bit. An inside […]


LYRIC VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – Dance Again

Jennifer Lopez is taking her new music to the next level, with the release of her song “Dance Again,” and teams up with rapper Pitbull. This soon-to-be club hit find JLO and Pit on their party music grind again and the results are infectious. The song will come off of Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming eighth studio […]

Michael Jackson To Be Inducted Into Apollo Hall Of Fame

Musical legend is still not done with his past career just yet