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Salma Hayek Everly (1)

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Everly’ Will Kick Your Ass

Film: Everly Starring: Selma Hayek Directed by: Joe Lynch With bullets and creative flare to spare, Everly ushers in a new age of cool for its lead, as well as its director. Joe Lynch hasn’t made a feature-length film that made it to audiences with his vision in tact since Wrong Turn 2. In the […]


First ‘Everly’ Trailer Is The Only Video You Need This Week

Filmmaker Joe Lynch has had a rough go of things in the industry over the last few years. His last major project, Knights of Badassdom, was taken away from him and re-cut, only to later be shelved altogether. When it did make it to audiences, the cut that screened was not one approved by Lynch […]


HOLY SH!T: ‘Knights Of Badassdom’ Finally Gets A Release Date

After years of red tape and industry nonsense, filmmaker Joe Lynch will finally release his long-awaited comedy, The Knights Of Badassdom, in early 2014. Announced through social networks over the last twenty-four hours, The Knights Of Badassdom will receive a limited theatrical release on January 21 before hitting the VOD market a few weeks later […]


Laugh And Scream: ‘Holliston’ Returns

We rarely cover television on UTG, but Holliston is not your typical show. Starring directors Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), the series follows two aspiring New England filmmakers as they chase their dreams, fall in love, and host a local cable access show dedicated to horror films. The first season was […]


New “Chillerama” Art

Chillerama finally had its’ stateside premiere last night in Los Angeles and today the internet is being blessed with some new promotional art. Much like the poster the came before, the latest Chillerama imagery contains to play homage to the campy world of b-movies with art that’s second to none in the genre this year. […]



Easily one of UTG’s most anticipated films of 2011, Chillerama finally has its’ own theatrical trailer! For those that haven’t been paying attention, Chillerama is the new B-movie-tribute anthology film from directors Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City) and Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs). It’s a festival of […]

Plot descriptions for 3/4 of “Chillerama”

Maybe our most anticipated horror release of 2011, Chillerama is a throwback to films like Creepshow in that it’s comprised of four mini-movies, each coming from one of today’s most respected indie filmmakers. Adam “Hatchet” Green, Joe “Wrong Turn 2” Lynch, Adam “Detroit Rock City” Rifkin, and Tim “2001 Maniacs” Sullivan have crafted tales sure […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Knights of Badassdom

The hype around Knights Of Badassdom has been building for months and now, following a sneak screening at this weekend’s comic-con, we have the official trailer and full synopsis. If you love Evil Dead, live action role playing, gore, horror, and/or laughs, you’re going to want to watch this about three-thousand times. In this humorous […]

FIRST LOOK: The Knights of Badassdom

One of the most talked about films at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, The Knights of Badassdom is still months away from release. Worse, almost no one knows that much about the actual film. There is no trailer, very little plot, and until today, almost no images to prove it has even been made. […]

MOVIE POSTER: Chillerama

Hot on the heels of the announcement it will premiere at San Diego Comic Con, Chillerama now has a poster. Capturing the madness of the four directors that crafted stories for the film, this is guaranteed to be a must-have for all horror fans. Check it out below!