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Jay Mohr

UTG INTERVIEW: Jay Mohr On Stand-Up, George Carlin, And His “Hotel California”

“If anyone thinks my show was ‘pretty good,’ then I’ve completely failed.”

It’s hard to edit down an interview when the person you’re talking to is an incredible interviewer himself. Not only did Jay Mohr devote time to our conversation, …



Stand-Up Tuesdays is a weekly comedy spotlight written by the wonderfully talented Angie Frissore. Covering both known and unknown comics, Stand-up Tuesdays is your new source for all things funny.

This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Joe Rogan’s …


Joe Rogan Self-Releases ‘Live From The Tabernacle’ Special

We teased its release yesterday, and now fans of Joe Rogan’s comedy can rejoice worldwide because his new special, Live From The Tabernacle, is officially for sale on his website.

To be perfectly honest, we were so …


PREVIEW: Joe Rogan Live from the Tabernacle

Probably the coolest consumer-facing innovation in comedy in 2012 was the rise of self-released special. Whether it be a new hour-long video, album, or something as simple as announcing tour dates, comedians in 2012 followed the lead of Louis CK …


Doug Benson Follows Morgan Spurlock, Announces Comic-Con Film

Comedian and stoner extraordinaire Doug Benson has announced he will once again be following in the steps of filmmaker Morgan Spurlock with his latest cinematic endeavor. Yes, even though The Greatest Story Ever Rolled has yet to premiere, Benson has …

Review: Joe Rogan – Talking Monkeys in Space

Artist: Joe Rogan
Album: Talking Monkeys in Space
Genre: Standup Comedy
Label: Comedy Central

Joe Rogan has been tearing up the small screen for over two decades now, but did you know he has spent even longer working comedy clubs? …

Under The Gun Review