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Fall Out Boy’s ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ Turns Ten

Place yourself in a room full of 18 to 20-something-year-olds today and make them listen to this three-second audio clip. It takes me about a second to recognize the opening to “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” I’d imagine it’s the same for many. Hi-hats and two consecutive muffled kick drum beats are all it takes for […]

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Joe Trohman Blogs About Fan Expectations

Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman has written a new blog addressing the expectations fan set for bands beyond delivering great performances. Rarely one to make headlines with his thoughts, the latest blog from Trohman is a well-written piece that examines what he perceives as an ongoing problem while simultaneously trying to relate to those […]

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REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll

Artist: Fall Out Boy Album: Save Rock and Roll Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Island/Decaydance “We’re definitely writing all the time, so we’re not going to try to squeeze every last drop out of the stone. That’s part of what’s been wrong with the rock industry: they keep fans waiting far too long, and bands go away and […]


Fall Out Boy Are Writing a New Record (?)

Folks, rumors go around about FOB reunions on a weekly basis, they are not to be trusted. Girls on Tumblr, and trolls on Twitter know nothing. Remember that. According to Beau Bokan of Blessthefall, however, this time it’s f’real. Here is the tweet sent by the singer this evening: I’ve personally been putting the […]

Joe Trohman

Joe Trohman Starts New Band With Josh Newton

Joe Trohman (The Damned Things) has released an official statement about forming a new band, called With Knives, with Josh Newton. He has quite a bit to tell us all so sit back, grab a drink and prepare for more Joe Trohman in the months to come! Read what Joe has to say below and […]

F.O.B. guitarist Joe Trohman will host radio show

Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman will host his own radio show on Trohman will do the show live next week from 3 to 7 p.m. EST.