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John Carpenter

Director John Carpenter streams sequel to ‘Lost Themes’

Film director John Carpenter (Halloween, They Live, The Thing) is streaming his latest solo album, Lost Themes II (via NPR Music), and it stays true to his horror persona. Lost Themes II is the follow-up to last year’s first solo effort, Lost Themes, in which Carpenter recorded with contributions from his son Cody and composer […]

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Director John Carpenter streams “Angel’s Asylum” from ‘Lost Themes II’

John Carpenter, the Master Of Horror, will release his second solo album, Lost Themes II, on April 15 through Sacred Bones Records. Following up his debut from last year, we’ve heard one excellently ominous cut from the new album thus far in “Distant Dream,” but now, the beloved auteur of such films as Halloween and […]

John Carpenter

Director John Carpenter streams “Distant Dream” from ‘Lost Themes II’

The Master Of Horror, director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing), is set to release his second solo album, Lost Themes II, on April 15 through Sacred Bones Records. Serving as the follow-up to his 2015 debut, Lost Themes, the new album will feature 12 tracks of original music, and today, Carpenter has shared the album’s […]


Retro Promenade’s ‘Carpenter’ Mix Honors The Master Of Horror With Synth Success

As much as I adore John Carpenter‘s Lost Themes album that was released earlier this year, I craved more. I’ve been in a huge ‘eerie synth’ mood for awhile now, having seen films such as The Guest and It Follows, and listening to lots of Perturbator. If you’re anything like me, a new mixtape that […]

john carpenter

Director John Carpenter Streams ‘Lost Themes’ In Full

This post is admittedly late but this album is too great to not run it at all. The legendary master of horror, John Carpenter (Halloween, They Live, The Thing), is set to release his first non-score album on Feb. 3 via Sacred Bones Records. Lost Themes is a 9-track effort of instrumental offerings that could […]

john carpenter

John Carpenter Streams “Night” From ‘Lost Themes’

The Master Of Horror and creator of some of the best films ever to grace our screens (Halloween, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China) is set to release an album, titled Lost Themes, on February 3 via Sacred Bones Records. We’ve already heard and worn out the first single, “Vortex,” and now we’ve been […]

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The 25 Tracks That Dominated My 2014 Over All Others

I already babbled on extensively about my favorite full releases and music videos of the year, but it’s been eating away at me that I didn’t put some focus on the individual tracks I spent a significant amount of time with since 2014 began. So without wasting any more of your time than needed, below […]

john carpenter

Director John Carpenter To Release Debut Solo Album ‘Lost Themes,’ Streams “Vortex”

Horror and sci-fi pioneer / mastermind / visionary / god or whatever you want to call him, John Carpenter, is not only an iconic filmmaker but quite the notable composer as well (Halloween theme, anyone?). The man has scored all but a handful of his own films which is wholly impressive. With this in mind, […]

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UTG’s 31 Days Of Halloween: ‘The Thing’

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no single day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of the year’s best month, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re […]

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STREAM: The Weeknd – “Kiss Land/John Carpenter”

Toronto crooner The Weeknd chose to release the title track to his upcoming effort, Kiss Land, as well as another new song “John Carpenter.” The track is almost 8 minutes long and switches up halfway through from “Kiss Land” into “John Carpenter.” Kiss Land is preparing to drop later this year. Check out the stream […]


HOLY SH!T: Watch the Amazing Platinum Dunes Pitch for Halloween 3D

I just watched this at my office, and the first thing I needed to do was share it with all of you. As many of you know, here at UTG we are HUGE horror movie fans. That being said, we also hate unnecessary and bad remakes, because it’s so freaking annoying and disappointing. Today we […]

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WHAT THE FILM?! “Ghosts Of Mars”

What The Film?! is a new weekly column exclusive to Under The Gun Review that brings to light the plot holes Hollywood hoped you’d never notice. Written by comedy writer Dane Sager, this column shows no mercy to films that try and pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. If you know a film with major plot […]