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‘Die Hard 6’ May Be Titled ‘Die Hardest’; Possible Writer Revealed

When released on Valentine’s Day weekend earlier this year, the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise left a relatively terrible impression on critics and moviegoers alike. Many thought the series would be killed off, ending after releasing a terribly underwhelming (and unnecessary) chapter few wanted, but after grossing over $250 Million at the worldwide […]


TRAILER: A Good Day To Die Hard

The newest installment in the Die Hard series, A Good Day To Die Hard, recently released its second trailer  and it’s action packed, explosive, and features that wry smile of John McClane that I have fallen in love with over the years. The movie tells the story of Mr. McClane going to Russia to see […]


MOVIE TRAILER: “A Good Day To Die Hard”

This is a pleasant surprise. The official trailer for 2013’s A Good Day To Die Hard, aka Die Hard 5, has arrived online without making the rest of the series look like a joke (so far). The film finds everyone’s favorite badass, John McClane, heading overseas to save his son from bad guys hellbent on […]