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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Danny Collins’ Is Al Pacino At His Very Best

Film: Danny Collins Starring: Al Pacino, Annette Benning Directed by: Dan Fogelman Set in suburban New Jersey and littered with enough product placement to please Michael Bay, Danny Collins finds love, laughter, and redemption with a runtime under two hours. Al Pacino was born to play Danny Collins. A one-time rockstar, Collins has spent the […]



UTG is continuing to expand our film coverage with the debut of VIDEO 2 GO, a recurring review column dedicated to features released outside of movie theaters. Whether it’s VOD, online only, or direct-to-dvd, this feature is dedicated to the films destined for the small screen. If you have a film, or even if you […]


MOVIE TRAILER: ATM (Alice Eve, Josh Peck)

Hollywood has left almost no rock unturned when seeking premises for scary movies, but this latest one might just catch you off guard. Trapping three people in one overly small room, ATM tells the tale of a group of friends who become trapped in an ATM booth after a mysterious man appears outside the building […]