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EDITORIAL: Why ‘August: Osage County’ Had The Biggest Emotional Effect On Me Of Any Film From 2013

As of this morning, I have now experienced all three films adapted from Tracy Letts’ screenplays spanning the past 7 years. Bug and Killer Joe, both directed by William Friedkin, were wildly unsettling in very different ways. Led by phenomenal acting from Michael Shannon and Matthew McConaughey, respectively, both films are ones I’ve found myself […]


EDITORIAL: “Snow White and the Huntsman: How the Action Flick Defeated the Comedic Mirror Mirror”

Was it sheer coincidence? Perhaps a secret rivalry between major studios? Or maybe it was an industry-wide desire to exploit the growing fantasy genre? One can only guess why Hollywood decided to release two Snow White films within several months of each other in 2012. The lighthearted, comedic Mirror Mirror and the gritty, action-packed Snow […]


MOVIE REVIEW: Larry Crowne

“On the surface, Larry Crowne is a super accessible film about starting over halfway through life against your will and the journey of self-discovery that it brings. However, poor casting, almost embarrassingly obvious attempts to be “relevant,” and an overall underwhelming story will likely leave most moviegoers feeling a bit cheated for their money.”