Bruce Springsteen 2014

WATCH: Bruce Springsteen Covers Van Halen’s “Jump”

When you attend a Bruce Springsteen concert, you’re guaranteed to get an electrifying assortment of hits and deep cuts from one of the greatest songwriters of our time, but the real surprises often come in the form of cover songs spanning the entire history of rock an pop music. Springsteen and the E Street Band […]

deftones koi no yokan

Deftones Cover Kris Kross’ “Jump” In St. Louis

Deftones are no strangers to tragedy. Earlier this month the band said goodbye to founding bassist, Chi Cheng, at age 42 after a car accident in November 2008 left him paralyzed and partially conscious. With his loss still fresh in the mind of the band and music fans around the world, news that Kris Kross […]

kris kross reunion

HOLY SH!T: Kris Kross Is Reuniting

Yes, the boys who, in the haze of the early morning light, stumbled out of bed, put on their clothes backwards, thought, “We’re rockin’ this look,”* and subsequently had a couple of hits in the 90s  (REMEMBER THE 90S AGH), most famously “Jump”, are back. Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith, the two […]

Punchline drummer speaks about Brokencyde incident

Punchline drummer, Cory Muro, has released some more detailed information about the violent incident involving members of Brokencyde. Muro did a short interview with AP and told his side of the story, which can be read right here.