REVIEW: Junius – ‘Days of the Fallen Sun’

Artist: Junius Album: Days of the Fallen Sun Genre: Alternative Metal / Post-Rock Label: Prosthetic Records I think one of the most important things I take away from Elliott Smith’s career was his notion of sounds as shapes. Ever since I first read him stating that, it changed the way I perceive, react, and investigate […]

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WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Release For The Week Of 1/5-1/11

The new year is in full swing, school is starting up again for many of us, and as always, another week means another long list of cool records to spend your money on. Whether it’s classic hardcore (Converge‘s Petitioning Forever), classic rock (a remastered edition of Tommy), or classic movie soundtracks (the One Way Static […]


REVIEW: Junius – Reports From The Threshold of Death

Artist: Junius Album: Reports From The Threshold Of Death Genre: Fucking awesome metal (realistically, it’s more like shoegaze metal) Label: Prosthetic Records In a musical land full of carbon copy bands and micro genres, every band’s trying to find a sound or angle that best defines them. A small handful of bands cultivate a truly […]

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Junius and Rosetta Release Tracks From Upcoming Split

Junius and Rosetta will be releasing a split CD on September 27 through Translation Loss Records. It seems that the split consists of just two tracks, both of which are over eight-minute-long slow burn epics. You can listen to Junius’ effort, “A Dark Day With Night” here and Rosetta’s track, “TMA-3” here. You can pre-order […]

ORBS Gets New Label And New Album

Equal Vision is expanding their roster and going to help put out ‘Asleep Next to Science’.