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Katt Williams Teases Return To Stand Up

Comedian Katt Williams ended 2012 amidst a flurry of controversy. In a span of just a few weeks starting at the beginning of October, Williams managed to get arrested repeatedly, deliver multiple half-assed performances, assault fans both on stage and off, and retire from comedy. All hope seemed lost for the comedian, but a new […]

Scary Movie 5

TRAILER: Scary Movie 5

They say all good things must come to an end, so with any bad luck we’ll be posting about this series well into our golden years. There has been talk about the return of the Scary Movie series for years, but only in the last six months has the project actually sprung to life. Today […]


MORE DRAMA: Katt Williams Cancels Performance 15 Minutes Before Showtime

Earlier this week we released a lengthy feature around the ongoing saga of comedian Katt Williams’ bizarre behavior over the last several weeks, and sadly this afternoon we’ve received yet another negative update. According to a new article on TMZ, Katt Williams is again in hot water for canceling a performance, this time in Kansas […]


EDITORIAL: What The Hell Is Going On With Katt Williams?

I have spent the past week attempting to begin the following article, but the subject at hand hasn’t slowed down long enough for me to gather all the facts. It’s almost funny how in a time when everyone is more obsessed with celebrity than ever that the following story hasn’t been hitting headlines with the […]


Comedian Katt Williams Sued For Allegedly Punching His Assistant In The Face

This weekend is off to a rough start for comedian Katt Williams. TMZ is reporting that the Pimp Chronicles comic is being sued for $5 million dollars by his former assistant over claims Williams punched her and caused permanent damages. The woman, Melissa Ishage, filed her lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court this past week. […]